Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Let it Go- Pentatonix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't already, you must now listen to Pentatonix's cover of Let it Go. Do it now. If you previously didn't like Let it Go, this cover will change your mind. If you have never listened to it-
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Here is a link.
Click it.
If you don't, I will find you.
I must go now.
Click the button. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch-(aka my extremely humid home for a week)

Finally, and with no less then 243 bug bites and and just a little bit of sanity left in me, I have returned from Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, where I went to summer camp. My day's schedule.
6:00-Wake up
6:30-6:45-Walk to Sioux 1 campsite
6:45-7:00-Music practice
7:30-7:45-Walk an eighth mile to dining hall where I wait five minutes to get in
7:45-8:15-Eat breakfast and clean up hall
8:15-8:30-Catch a shuttle and drive a mile to the climbing wall
8:30-10:15-Climbing class
10:15-10:30-Shuttle back to main camp, walk to office for next class
10:30-11:15-Kitchen Scientist class
11:15-11:30-Walk to Leatherworking
11:30-12:15-Leatherworking class in Sioux 1 campsite
12:15-12:40-Walk to dining hall
12:40-1:10-Eat Lunch and clean up hall
1:10-1:30-Walk to Navaho campsite
1:30-3:15-Search and Rescue class
3:15-3:30-Walk to Cherokee campsite
3:30-4:15-Zoology class
4:15-4:30-Walk to Sioux 3
4:30-5:15-Geology class
5:15-5:30-Walk to Sioux 1 campsite
5:30-5:40-Music practice
6:00-6:15-Walk to dining hall
6:20-7:00-Eat Dinner and clean up hall
7:00-10:00-Assorted evening activities
10:00-5:59-Glorious sleep

So that was my basic schedule, and I am still sleeping late and taking naps in the middle of the day. Added on to that, I'm sick now. My throat feels like somebody is dragging nails down the inside of it. The only thing that makes it feel better is eating chocolate, and I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or not. There was like no chocolate at camp.
But now that I am home and in one piece, I decided I should probably blog about something, so I decided on talking about camp. The staff were all hilarious, especially this one guy who worked in the med hut. His humor was slightly irritating at first, but one time my sister and I showed up so we could get anti-itch cream for our bug bites, and he had her playing Operation while I sat watching and trying not to laugh.
Also, one night, I saw a black bear cub. It was really hot in the tent so I just sat outside it for a little while, looking at stars in such. Then I heard a rustling noise and looked over to my right and saw this little cub. It was kind of cute until I heard a splashing noise down at the lake, which was just a short ways away. Very loud splashing, and a deep, throaty grunting noise. Enter mama bear. I didn't stick around too long.
I must go, my friends, and listen to enough music to make up for a week of singing in my head.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Song Recommendations

So sorry I haven't posted recently. Actually, as it is, I'm not sure what I should post about, so I'm going with song recommendations!!!!!

Just about a month ago, I got tired of the Christian artists I normally listen to, like Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey, Britt Nicole, or Francesca Battistelli. I've been trying to get into some more secular music, and my favorite artist so far is Rachel Platten.

The first song of hers I heard was Fight Song, and my favorite is Lone Ranger. As I am writing this post I am playing Lone Ranger over and over again through my headphones. I can't stop listening to it, and I know a song is good when I can listen to it ten times in a row right before I go to sleep.

I also like Imagine Dragons. I heard Radioactive first, but my favorite is Demons. Another favorite is Demi Lovato, and this kind of makes me sound like a little kid, but I love her rendition of Let it Go from Frozen. I totally love that song, but everyone else seems to dislike it.

But anyway, if you haven't already, listen to Lone Ranger and Demons.

Really excited for this next part...

I'm going to summer camp in a week! It will be great to get away from everything and come back sore, tired, and achy. Well, the last part there isn't that great.

At said camp, I am doing an overnight canoeing trip! We canoe out to an island and camp for the night, then canoe back in the morning. I think that will be my favorite part, but I can't wait for the campfire either. At the end of the week every year, there is a huge campfire, and some girls do skits, awards are handed out, and basically, we cry because we're not going to see the people around us for like, another year, but it's really great. My first year, the camp's song that year was so amazing we played it seven times.

But anyway, it is already ten, so I'm going to have to go. I will try to post more often! Please comment and follow!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I Don't Know What to Call This Post... sorry

I am so happy! In the words of Elena from A Homeschool Nerd's Tale, my brain is doing dances inside my head because my body doesn't know how!
Why am I happy?
Because school's out!
Well, it's not really out, because I haven't finished math yet...
But close enough.
I didn't know what I was going to write about when I opened this, so I just started writing about the first thing I saw, which was my huge stack of library books.

Book one: This book has such a corny name that I can't even believe it.
The Apple Tart of Hope.
I mean, seriously?
So I haven't finished yet, but here's a summary. (Out of the book cover)

Fourteen-year-old Oscar Dunleavy is missing and presumed dead. His bike was found at sea, out past the end of the pier, and everyone in town seems to have accepted this as a teenage tragedy. But Oscar's best friend, Meg, knows they're wrong. Oscar is an optimistic and kind boy who bakes the world's best apple tarts; he would never kill himself, and Meg is going to prove it. Through interwoven narratives, the reader learns what really happened to Oscar. Meg must confront the painful truth of Oscar's past six months, along with the possibility that he might really be gone.

I'm on the third chapter now, and it is good so far. Do not be fooled by the corny name, the writing is actually pretty good. The author is Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.

Book two:
A Hundred Hours of Night by Anna Woltz.
I totally love this book so far, but I was disappointed by the profanity. I'm on chapter 28 out of 45.
Summary: (Out of the book cover)

When Emilia De Wit ran away to New York City, she planned everything to a T. Plane ticket, purchased. Fabulous apartment, rented online. Subway map, printed and highlighted. This was no ordinary trip- this was Emilia's declaration of independence. Her chance to escape the life her parents were ruining. To get away from the horrible scandal that had rocked Amsterdam, the scandal that was all her dad's fault. To see if her mom, the glamorous, world-famous artist, would even notice.
New York steals Emilia's heart at first sight- even though absolutely nothing goes to plan. She didn't plan to end up homeless on a stranger's doorstep. She didn't plan to make friends with cute but prickly Seth; his precocious little sister, Abby; and model-hot next-door neighbor Jim. And she could never have known that Hurricane Sandy would be barreling up the coast, heading straight for the city. All she wanted was to get away from her parents, her problems, her life, at least for a little while... but when the storm hits and the power goes out, Emilia feels farther from home than she could have imagined.

So read these books if you're interested. I actually have a lot more sitting in the stack.... but I don't want to bore you.
I don't know what anyone would comment about on this post, but you can still comment if you want to!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Rebelling Teens

Before we even start, this isn't what you think it is.

I mean teens rebelling against bad teen fiction. This has been a problem for a while, and two of my friends wrote about it. The links are at the bottom of this post. 

I'm sure you all know what I mean by bad fiction. Well, lots of teen authors have started incorporating drugs, sex, profanity, drinking, and other things that nobody wants to read. 

If you are a teen author, then don't write stuff like this! As I said already, nobody wants to read this! I picked up a book once, and I don't remember what it was called, but I read the summary and I read several reviews on the book, and all of them made it sound really good! I was excited, so I checked it out from the library and made myself a single serve chocolate cake, recipe on this blog, and I curled up in a blanket and started reading. 

By the end of Chapter 1, there were no less than twenty-seven swear words. 

The chapter was only eight pages long. Eight pages!!!!!!!

So to all these teen authors who think that you should write this way:
Image result for thorin you know nothing of the world gif

Image result for don't fail me harry potter gif
And writing like this to make yourself sound cool just makes you sound completely ridiculous. There are so many good fiction books, (even teen ones!) that don't have any bad stuff in it. 

So now, go check out Elena's and Gray's posts on this, they say it better than I do.

So farewell, readers!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Single Serve Chocolate Cake

Ever just really wanted some cake, but you don't want to wait thirty minutes for it to cook? This amazing single serve cake takes 60-70 seconds to cook and is everything a chocolate-lover could wish for. I made a few changes to the recipe, but here is the link to the original.

My changes:
I added 1 1/2 tablespoons of Swiss Miss Instant Hot Chocolate Mix, and it tasted really good. If you like a really moist, gooey cake, then I heated it for sixty seconds. If you like a slightly drier cake, then seventy seconds is better. I also used three tablespoons of sugar.

I love to make this cake on any afternoon and it makes the perfect snack. So grab a book and enjoy!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bust a Myth- Or Several

There are lots of things that parents or friends will tell you that they believe are true. Like, you have to wait an hour after eating before swimming. Or milk strengthens your bones. 
Snape: Don't. Lie. To me. gif
Neither of those are true, and here is a list of false myths and why they are false.

You have to wait an hour after eating to go swimming. False.
Most people believe that when you eat, blood is drawn to the stomach to help digest your food. That means the blood is drawn away from your muscles, which will cramp. Then you drown. This is not true. Scientists say that there is no actual documented case of anyone drowning from cramps. While sometimes you do get cramps while swimming, they are not to do with anything in your stomach.

Being stressed will give you high blood pressure. False.
Stress does not actually play that large of a role in high blood pressure problems. Stress can temporarily increase blood pressure, but overall it's not really a cause for stress. Genetics, smoking, drinking, and a bad diet are much bigger factors. 

Coffee stunts your growth. False.
Scientists find no connection between caffeine consumption and stunted bone growth in kids. It can very slightly limit calcium intake, but the impact is so small that a tablespoon of milk will more than likely upset the effects of a cup of coffee.
Milk strengthens your bones. False.
Multiple studies have proven time and time again that there isn't an association between drinking more milk and having stronger bones. I don't need to go very deep into this one, but this is just a lie cause by over-exaggerating advertisers.
And my favorite.
Sugar causes hyperactivity in children. FALSE!
Scientific studies have tried and failed to find any evidence whatsoever that supports this theory. The myth emerged in 1974 when Dr. William Crook wrote a letter to the AAP, or the American Academy of Pediatrics. Crook said this: "Only in the past three years have I become aware that sugar... is a leading cause of hyperactivity. This letter does not include much scientific research, and the National Institute of Mental Health says that the idea that refined sugar causes hyperactivity is popular, but more research dismisses this theory than supports it. Modern science disagrees with this 'sugar-high' idea.