Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I realized I probably had to write something soon before you all unfollow me... so I decided to do this cool thing I saw. It is like 100 questions for bloggers to answer, so I'm going to try to answer all of them!
1. What's your favorite season? Probably Spring.
2. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. "The tundra, which also has snow for much of the year, differs from the icecap in that it does have a short season when temperatures may rise above freezing, allowing some plants to grow." My geography textbook, talking about climates.
3. Who was the last person you texted? I don't have a phone, so I'm going to go with Email. My sister.
4. Before you started this survey, what were you doing? I was doing schoolwork.
5. What is the last thing you watched on TV? My family doesn't have a TV.
6. Without looking, guess what time it is. 3:17. I will look now. Ouch. 3:43.
7. Now looking at the clock, what is the actual time? I already did that. I am terrible at following directions. Oh look, it is 3:44!
8. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? The baby is crying and the cat is scratching at my window.
9. Do you tan or burn? Tan.
10. Do you like fish? I like eating them, but I don't like the animals themselves.
11. Mac or PC? PC
12. Do you remember your dreams? Most of the time. Actually, my dream last night was really cool. I was fighting all of the Avengers at once with Loki. We won.
13. When did you last laugh? Like twenty minutes ago.
14. Do you remember why/ at what? I saw a meme. I don't remember what it said, but it was funny. That's why I laughed.
15. Have you ever been to Canada? No.
16. Shoes, socks, or bare feet? Bare feet
17. Do you wear perfume? No, gives me rashes.
18. What is the last film you saw? Lego Batman. No shame.
19. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Probably Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It has great architecture and is really cool.
20. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? First, I would donate a lot to the people who suffered from Hurricane Harvey. Then, I would buy a lifetime supply of Moser Roth chocolate.
21. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? This is question 19, phrased differently. These people are like Dory. "I suffer from short-term memory loss."
22. What's your favorite band? PENTATONIX 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!
24. Do you enjoy school? Yes and no, mostly no, but a little yes as well. Let's go with 'meh'.
25. What do you think of these questions so far? Random. I like them.
26. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right-handed.
27. Who made the last incoming call on your phone? I don't have a cell-phone.
28. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? A meme.
29. Last time you swam in a pool? A long time ago.
30. Type of music you dislike most? Oldies
31. Are you listening to music right now? No.
32. What's your favorite color? Emerald green.
33. Is there anything that you are disappointed about? Probably that I have to get up soon.
34. What was the last thing you bought? Didn't buy anything all by myself, but I helped buy my mother a new iPhone 8+ for her birthday.
35. Sun or rain? I know it sounds depressing, but rain.
36. Would you go bungee jumping or skydiving? Not so sure about bungee jumping, wouldn't want to be upside down, but I don't mind heights so skydiving would be okay.
37. What is your zodiac sign? What is that?
38. What's your hair color? Between dark blonde and light brown.
39. What quote do you live by? Two quotes and I don't know who said them originally, but here.
"I'm not actually funny, I'm just mean, and people think I'm joking."
"Some people just need a high five. In the face. With a chair."
40. What's your favorite zoo animal? A lion or a tiger, can't decide.
41. Do you have any pets? Two cats and six chickens. One of the cats is so evil that it is just scary.
42. What color are your eyes? Blue
43. Do you wear any kind of jewelry 24/7? Just a ring.
44. Do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth? Yes.
45. Do you know how to change your car's oil? I don't have a car.
46. Do you have any phobias? Yes. It is called xenophobia, and it is the fear of the unknown. Sounds really deep, right?
47. What's your lucky number? Uh... no idea.
48. Have you ever eaten a crayon? ????????????????????????? Yes.
49. Can you solve a Rubix cube? Nope.
50. What are you listening to right now? The sound of silence. Not the song. I am literally listening to silence.
51. Do you like Marmite? I have no idea what that is, nor do I want to know.
52. Do you wear the hood on hoodies? Only when it is cold.
53. Is the glass half empty or half full? Doesn't matter, the glass is refillable.
54. What's the farthest away place you have ever been? Chicago.
55. Do you untie your shoes before taking them off? Never.
56. What's your favorite radio station? 107:7.
57. Are you allergic to anything? Not food-wise, but I do have reactions to unfamiliar scents and chemicals.
58. Were you named after anyone? My dad's aunt.
59. Do you wear glasses/contacts? No, but I don't have amazing eyesight.
60. Have you ever walked out of the movie theater before the film was finished? I don't think so.
61. What's your least favorite school subject? Literature
62. Put your music on shuffle. What's the first song that comes up? Skillet- The Resistance.
63. Do you wear jeans or sweatpants more? Jeans.
64. Where in the world would you like to travel? Australia, for the accents.
65. Are you traveling anywhere soon? Tyler, Texas
66. Have you ever built an igloo? Huh?
67. The best thing at Starbucks? No idea
68. Do you like watching scary movies? Meh. Yes and no. Haven't watched very many.
69. What's the best thing about school? I don't go to school!!!!! Homeschool pride! But the favorite thing about homeschooling is that I get to wear PJ's all day.
70. What were you doing at midnight last night? Probably staring at the ceiling, wishing I would fall asleep.
71. What's under your bed? Boxes of random stuff.
72. How do you really feel about what you are doing right now at this exact moment? I feel like I should probably be doing something more productive, but then again, I don't really want to.
73. Think fast. What do you like right now? Lasagna. Because that's what I'm having for dinner and I'm hungry.
74. Are you sarcastic? I'm not sarcastic. Just a funny person surrounded by idiots. Did you know that sarcasm is the brain's defense against idiocy?
75. What time do you get up? 5:30 on school days, 6-7 any other day.
76. What was the name of your first pet? I don't know.
77. What color are your sheets? Weird question, but off-white, kind of like mozzarella cheese.
78. How are you feeling right now? Hungry.
79. What was your favorite food as a child? Seriously? Spaghetti or lasagna. Speaking of which, I smell the lasagna in the oven. Unfortunately, it will not be done for like, half an hour.
80. How are you feeling right now? I'm still hungry, and you still sound like Dory!
81. Can you whistle? Let me try. Nope, too hungry. I can whistle most of the time.
82. Do you drink soda? Whenever I can.
83. Have you read the Harry Potter series? Many times.
84. Can you drive a stick shift? I still don't have a car.
85. What's your favorite candle scent? Is lasagna an option? JK, it's cinnamon.
86. Have your pants ever fallen down in public? What kind of question is this?! No!
87. Do you sing in the shower? No. Only when nobody's in the house, which is never, so no.
88. Can you speak another language? Ita, ego potest loqui Espanol. JK, I plugged 'yes, I can speak Spanish' into Google Translate! No, I can't.
89. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows? Yes, I can. Weird question.
90. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Cats are evil.
91. Do you make wishes at 11:11? No. I have never even heard of that concept before.
92. What's your favorite kind of chapstick? Very random. My mom's homemade kind.
93. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken. Stop asking food questions, I'm still hungry.
94. What are you reading now? My computer. But I am reading a book called 'I Haven't Been To The Library In A Week So I Have No Books To Read'. It is very boring, and results in me switching to my computer.
95. Can you touch your tongue to your nose? No.
96. Can you walk in heels? I can, but I don't like heels.
97. How many rings before you answer the phone? I rarely answer the phone. I'm not sure why. Oh wait, I just remembered. I STILL DON'T HAVE A PHONE.
98. Any new and exciting things that you would like to share? The lasagna is almost done!!!!!!
99. What is the most important thing in life? Food. Because you would die without food. But a serious answer? Family.
100. What inspires you? A lot of things. Chocolate. Inspirational Pinterest pins. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. Pretty much any book. Chocolate. Music. Pretty pictures of sunsets. Quotes. Chocolate. Friends. Family. Art. Chocolate. Pentatonix. Writing. My imagination. And finally, chocolate.

So, I have finished the one hundred questions!!!!!!! If you guys have any other questions you want to ask me, feel free to drop a comment below.

Remember question #7, where I said it was 3:44? Well yeah, now it is 6:05. Bye!!!! And a meme or two (or three or more) for you because I'm bored and have absolutely nothing else to do:
This lady really needs to do something else. Poor kid looks like a psychopath.
Me as a parent


Hilarious Memes are the BEST!

That's why I use it! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

Image result for hilarious memes

Okay, just a few more.

Fidget spinners

Three more.
Do people ever look at you like you're "sarchotic"? #sarcasm

Two more.

Ah...my friends told me about this part of the movie (although I haven't seen it yet). X)

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

I wrote this post while I was sitting in a room of my friends, with my earbuds in, blocking the world out. I was listening to music on high volume, with my huge laptop, typing this. I had no idea of what I was going to write about until I saw something on the whiteboard. (we’re in a classroom)
It was a drawing of Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales.
Image result for larry the cucumber from veggietalesFor those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a kid’s show with talking vegetables.
Totally a homeschooler thing to draw on a whiteboard, am I right?
The other thing was pi, written with a whole lot of digits. I don’t remember if pi goes on for infinity or if it’s just really, really, long, but this was a lot of digits. We started talking about homeschooler stuff, like VeggieTales and how we still sing the songs without shame, and the conflict between Math-U-See and Saxon. I realized, my friends, that I am a nerd.
Not as though I didn’t know this already, no. I knew I was a nerd, and I take pride in that fact. People try to insult me by calling me a nerd, geek, or weird, but I take pride in every one of those things.
Nerd and geek are both something that means someone very smart who obsesses over something, but weird is different altogether.
From a Christian perspective, here is what weird means.

Weird is pretty much the opposite of normal, and when God created us without sin, we were perfect to him. People say to be normal, you have to follow all the rules, live the stereotype life. But really, we were normal when we were sinless, and if nobody is without sin, that means nobody is normal. That means everybody is weird. That is my conclusion and my nerd session for the day. I will go be weird now. If you agree with my philosophy, drop a comment below and tell me so! I have rhymed, geek session for the day is over. Everyone, go live your lives and be weird!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Memes, Music, and Some Other 'M' Word That Makes a Catchy Title

I have reached the number of six followers!!!!! Victory! To celebrate, I will show ya'll my favorite memes and tell you about some random things. Also, it's mostly just a thing with me not knowing what else to post about... If you haven't followed yet, please do! Join us! Don't be shy!
And that is why you only have six followers.

Bwa ha ha ha!
Except that I don't have 5k followers. Just six.
But whatever.
Some help. Thanks a lot, Tuffnut and Ruffnut, really! I couldn't have done it without your help!

That's Ruffnut and Tuffnut from How To Train Your Dragon, if you didn't know.

So I just started High School, and I'm taking Physical Science, and I just learned about atoms last week! And I looked up atom memes for like no reason at all, and found:

I didn't know how to explain this until now.

I started listening to Royal Tailor recently. They were a really cool Christian band, but they broke up and Tauren Wells, the lead singer, is now doing his own thing. And I'm seeing him in concert with Skillet, Britt Nicole, Gawvi, and Colton Dixon in October! So listen to Ready Set Go and Make a Move by Royal Tailor. If you don't love them, you're crazy. But crazy is good, so live on.

Last meme.
I seriously laughed so hard when I saw this, my face was turning red. I guess I looked like I was having a seizure or something, because my sister asked me if I was okay.

So, wrapping this up. I wish I could have come up with a better title, but I'm just not good with that. 
Thank you so much for following me (if you did) and if you didn't, please do! Also, leave me suggestions for blog posts in the comments. I really need it. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I can draw!!!!!

I just discovered yesterday that I can actually draw! I was watching Frozen for like the thirtieth time, and afterward, I saw a picture that someone drew of Elsa, and I was like, I can totally do that! But I ended up drawing Anna instead. Here is a picture!

The lighting was a bit weird in the picture, unfortunately. But what do you think?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Let it Go- Pentatonix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't already, you must now listen to Pentatonix's cover of Let it Go. Do it now. If you previously didn't like Let it Go, this cover will change your mind. If you have never listened to it-
Image result for you must go home and rethink your life meme sw

Here is a link.
Click it.
If you don't, I will find you.
I must go now.
Click the button. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And follow me, please!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch-(aka my extremely humid home for a week)

Finally, and with no less then 243 bug bites and and just a little bit of sanity left in me, I have returned from Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, where I went to summer camp. My day's schedule.
6:00-Wake up
6:30-6:45-Walk to Sioux 1 campsite
6:45-7:00-Music practice
7:30-7:45-Walk an eighth mile to dining hall where I wait five minutes to get in
7:45-8:15-Eat breakfast and clean up hall
8:15-8:30-Catch a shuttle and drive a mile to the climbing wall
8:30-10:15-Climbing class
10:15-10:30-Shuttle back to main camp, walk to office for next class
10:30-11:15-Kitchen Scientist class
11:15-11:30-Walk to Leatherworking
11:30-12:15-Leatherworking class in Sioux 1 campsite
12:15-12:40-Walk to dining hall
12:40-1:10-Eat Lunch and clean up hall
1:10-1:30-Walk to Navaho campsite
1:30-3:15-Search and Rescue class
3:15-3:30-Walk to Cherokee campsite
3:30-4:15-Zoology class
4:15-4:30-Walk to Sioux 3
4:30-5:15-Geology class
5:15-5:30-Walk to Sioux 1 campsite
5:30-5:40-Music practice
6:00-6:15-Walk to dining hall
6:20-7:00-Eat Dinner and clean up hall
7:00-10:00-Assorted evening activities
10:00-5:59-Glorious sleep

So that was my basic schedule, and I am still sleeping late and taking naps in the middle of the day. Added on to that, I'm sick now. My throat feels like somebody is dragging nails down the inside of it. The only thing that makes it feel better is eating chocolate, and I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or not. There was like no chocolate at camp.
But now that I am home and in one piece, I decided I should probably blog about something, so I decided on talking about camp. The staff were all hilarious, especially this one guy who worked in the med hut. His humor was slightly irritating at first, but one time my sister and I showed up so we could get anti-itch cream for our bug bites, and he had her playing Operation while I sat watching and trying not to laugh.
Also, one night, I saw a black bear cub. It was really hot in the tent so I just sat outside it for a little while, looking at stars in such. Then I heard a rustling noise and looked over to my right and saw this little cub. It was kind of cute until I heard a splashing noise down at the lake, which was just a short ways away. Very loud splashing, and a deep, throaty grunting noise. Enter mama bear. I didn't stick around too long.
I must go, my friends, and listen to enough music to make up for a week of singing in my head.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I Don't Know What to Call This Post... sorry

I am so happy! In the words of Elena from A Homeschool Nerd's Tale, my brain is doing dances inside my head because my body doesn't know how!
Why am I happy?
Because school's out!
Well, it's not really out, because I haven't finished math yet...
But close enough.
I didn't know what I was going to write about when I opened this, so I just started writing about the first thing I saw, which was my huge stack of library books.

Book one: This book has such a corny name that I can't even believe it.
The Apple Tart of Hope.
I mean, seriously?
So I haven't finished yet, but here's a summary. (Out of the book cover)

Fourteen-year-old Oscar Dunleavy is missing and presumed dead. His bike was found at sea, out past the end of the pier, and everyone in town seems to have accepted this as a teenage tragedy. But Oscar's best friend, Meg, knows they're wrong. Oscar is an optimistic and kind boy who bakes the world's best apple tarts; he would never kill himself, and Meg is going to prove it. Through interwoven narratives, the reader learns what really happened to Oscar. Meg must confront the painful truth of Oscar's past six months, along with the possibility that he might really be gone.

I'm on the third chapter now, and it is good so far. Do not be fooled by the corny name, the writing is actually pretty good. The author is Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.

Book two:
A Hundred Hours of Night by Anna Woltz.
I totally love this book so far, but I was disappointed by the profanity. I'm on chapter 28 out of 45.
Summary: (Out of the book cover)

When Emilia De Wit ran away to New York City, she planned everything to a T. Plane ticket, purchased. Fabulous apartment, rented online. Subway map, printed and highlighted. This was no ordinary trip- this was Emilia's declaration of independence. Her chance to escape the life her parents were ruining. To get away from the horrible scandal that had rocked Amsterdam, the scandal that was all her dad's fault. To see if her mom, the glamorous, world-famous artist, would even notice.
New York steals Emilia's heart at first sight- even though absolutely nothing goes to plan. She didn't plan to end up homeless on a stranger's doorstep. She didn't plan to make friends with cute but prickly Seth; his precocious little sister, Abby; and model-hot next-door neighbor Jim. And she could never have known that Hurricane Sandy would be barreling up the coast, heading straight for the city. All she wanted was to get away from her parents, her problems, her life, at least for a little while... but when the storm hits and the power goes out, Emilia feels farther from home than she could have imagined.

So read these books if you're interested. I actually have a lot more sitting in the stack.... but I don't want to bore you.
I don't know what anyone would comment about on this post, but you can still comment if you want to!